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Rocky Mountain Set

Nestled in the Mourne Mountains, is a little cottage set in beautiful surroundings…Rocky Mountain Cottage.

Once a year, this beautiful cottage is transformed and it becomes a place of fairy tales and magic as it becomes Santa’s Official Residence in Ireland.  A place filled with magic and wonder for both the young and the young at heart.

It is this place that provided the inspiration for my winter woollies set, Rocky Mountain.  All store links for the pattern are included at the end of the article.

I first created the hat.  It has undergone many changes before it ended up with the pattern that I am truly happy with. My testers are the most patient known to man, as I knew what I wanted, but hadn’t quite written that in my pattern.  But it is here now and I just love it.

I decided then that a hat needs gloves of course.  These days full gloves aren’t of much use as we all like to be in regular contact so being able to use a phone or drive is essential.  With this in mind I decided upon a fingerless glove style.  I didn’t want them too long on the arm either, I wanted them just right.

Lastly, came a cowl.  I had the head and hands covered so I couldn’t possibly leave a neck out in the cold.  And  thus the Rocky Mountain set was born. 

I was very lucky to have family and friends help me out to photograph my work with my husband Patrick at the lens. He has some amazing work on his Facebook page, Imagescape. He hasn’t been taking many photos of late which is a shame I’m sure you’ll agree as he has a great talent.

This photo is one of my favourites from the day, showcasing all 3 items, and capturing a lovely moment.

I am very proud to announce that a range of these Rocky Mountain hats, gloves and cowls will be available to purchase in Santa’s Cottage Store.  They are also available to order directly through myself and can be made to any request.

My youngest had to get in on the action also, with his favourite guitar.
My eldest modelling the male version of the hat
Patrick all smiles
Chloe showing off gloves and hat
Wee cutie
Kids have had enough and head off
Thank you to Noeleen and all my models for their time and patience


Rocky Mountain Set Rocky Mountain Hat Rocky Mountain Cowl Rocky Mountain Gloves


Rocky Mountain Set Rocky Mountain Hat

Love Crafts

Rocky Mountain Hat Rocky Mountain Gloves

The full sets will be available on all platforms shortly.

Let me know what you think?