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Tollymore Forest Park

Tollymore forest in Newcastle, Co. Down is one of those places that no matter how many times you’ve explored it there is always something to catch your eye or imagination.  Used to film many TV shows including Game of Thrones, it is easy to see why any location scout would choose this area.  It is a peaceful haven away from the day to day stresses of life, a place of escapism and for me a place that always leaves me feeling recharged when I come away from it.

Autumn is the time at which it is at it’s best. With the leaves beginning to change colour. The paths become a carpet of crunching, joy that you just get lost in the delight of colours and sound.

It had been a little while from my family had been and so we spent a few hours just rambling around. First we take the usual well trodden paths alongside the river but the best parts come when you leave the worn paths and head off to explore on your own.

There’s nothing quite like standing in amongst the trees, seeing the clear blue skies overhead and listening to the wind rustling all around you.

I love the outdoors. There’s a restorative power in fresh, running water down from a mountain side, or in a mushroom hunt, or in just taking the time to breathe in the air, slow down and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.  There is serenity here and it is infectious.

Game of Thrones fan’s will also delight knowing that Jon Snow and those from Northern Westeros were once camped here.

It’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty that is Tollymore. The colours, the sounds and the feeling of peace when you are there is second to none. My 2 boys always complain about going out for a walk, but it is guaranteed that once they’re out and off exploring their moans are soon forgotten and a lovely family day out is had by all.